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Politeknik LPP

Provides Plantation Professionals Since 1950


Politeknik LPP historically started as College Gula Negara (CGN), established in 1950, to prepare Indonesian sugar experts. In 1960, CGN transformed into Akademi Gula Negara (AGN). Started in 1970, AGN was not only covered sugar industry, but also tree crops. Therefore, AGN then changed into Lembaga Pendidikan Perkebunan (LPP), where the goal is to prepare human resource in plantation sector, especially State Owned Plantation Enterprises.

Politeknik LPP is established due to the development and dynamic changes of a plantation business, especially State Owned Plantation Enterprises, and aimed at preparing skill and ready to work  professionals.

Founded by Yayasan Pendidikan Perkebunan Yogyakarta, as a part of  LPP,  Politeknik LPPwas established and legalized under Ministry of Education decree (SK Mendikbud No. 66/D/O/1997and SK Dirjen Dikti Depdikbud No. 319/Dikti/Kep/1998). Politeknik LPP is recognized as a Diploma 3 Program of a higher education.


Vision and Mission

Politeknik LPP always refers to Vision and Mission in conducting programs and activities. The vision proclaimed that Politeknik LPP aspires to be the best center of a middle level labor provider in Indonesia, especially in plantation sector. The mission of Politeknik LPP is supporting the industry development in Indonesia, by providing professionals who meets the industry demand, particularly in plantation industry.

Program of Diploma 3

The objective of this program is to prepare middle-level skilled labors of agro industry sector, especially plantation sector. Based on plantation industry operational sector, Politeknik LPP opens a study program that meets the industry need in which the curriculum is always adjusted to the dynamic change of plantation business.

Politeknik LPP opens 4 study programs as follows:

·        Plantation Crop Cultivation

Preparing ready-to work, skilled graduates in agronomy sector (crop cultivation)

·        Mechanical Engineering

Preparing ready-to work, skilled graduates in industrial machinery maintenance in factories

·        Chemical Engineering

Preparing ready-to work, skilled graduates in plantation commodity cultivation

·        Accounting

Preparing ready-to work, skilled graduates in administration and finance

Teaching Methods

Based on the vision and mission, the orientation of education and teaching methods in Politeknik LPP is to prepare future ready-to work, skilled labor in plantation sector. The learning teaching process implements the combination of knowledge, skills, and attitude/behavior aspects.

Knowledge and skill aspects are given in the forms of lectures and practicum in laboratories/industry for 6 months, whereas to deepen/strengthen the knowledge/skills and shape the attitude/behavior aspects which meet the work demand, students should follow integrated internship program. The internship program is conducted in state or private companies of agro industry through the following stages:

·        Stage I (Year I): internship orientation for industry introduction

·        Stage II (Year II): internship orientation to deepen technical competence

·        Stage III (Year III): internship orientation to deepen competence of managerial/activities management

Link and Match Program

In order to increase the quality of Politeknik LPP graduates to meet the industry need, Politeknik LPP always adjusts its curriculum with the latest industry need, selects the teaching staff from academics and practitioners, and consistently conduct internship program.

One of the efforts to prepare ready-to work graduates, Politeknik LPP tries its best to maintain cooperation with the world industry through internship program or graduates linkage (link and match)

The companies which are partners of Politeknik LPP are state and private institutions/companies, as follows:

  • PT Perkebunan Nusantara
  • Dinas Perkebunan
  • PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (PT RNI)
  • PT Gemareksa Mekarsari
  • PT Meta Epsi Agro
  • PT Ukindo Plantation
  • PT Astra Agro Lestari
  • PT Alam Raya Kencana Mas
  • PT Musirawas Citra Harpindo
  • PT Riau Sakti Plantation
  • PT Socfindo
  • PT Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup
  • Sugar Group Companies
  • PT Swakarsa Sinar Sentosa
  • PT Smart Tbk
  • Etc.

In addition to the Diploma 3 program, Politeknik LPP also holds various trainings based on its competence such as “Retooling Program of Diploma 3 graduates” which was conducted by Politeknik LPP in cooperation with TPSDP Directorate-General DIKTI. Politeknik LPP has conducted two programs which are Agriculture Technology and Accounting in 2005 and Agriculture Technology and Chemical Engineering in 2006.

Politeknik LPP was also appointed by DIKTI to conduct “A1 Competition Grant Program” and “Education Quality Improvement Grant” in 2005 and 2006 respectively. The goals of this program were to increase the education quality which covered the increase of learning teaching process quality, the improvement of facilities and infrastructure (literature and computer), the quality increase of students, lecturers, and graduates on the basis of capacity and capability of Politeknik LPP.


Politeknik LPP is supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure:

1.     Class and Multimedia

2.     Language Laboratory

3.     Library and Internet network

4.     Policlinic

5.     Laboratory of Chemistry and Physics

6.     Laboratory of By Product Technology

7.     Miniplant

8.     Laboratory of Metallurgy and Material testing

9.     Laboratory of Computer and CAD

10. Laboratory of Image and Planning

11. Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine

12. Laboratory of Mechanical Technology

13. Laboratory of Mechanical Construction and Welding

14. Laboratory of Electronics

15. Laboratory of Accounting

16. Laboratory of Tax

17. Experiment Field of Agriculture Mechanism

18. Workshop

19. Laboratory of Soil and Fertilizer, Planting, Protection

website: http://politeknik-lpp.ac.id


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