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Consulting is one of the missions of LPP. Consulting is a media for LPP to assist clients in solving their operational and strategic problems. Business now exposed to changes, that in many cases causing various problems (both internal and external). Immediate and accurate response to encounter such problems is demanded, in order the companies can run the business properly. In doing so, Consulting and Service is the service provided by LPP to increase company performance both in managerial and technology aspects.


To assist clients in solving their problems as a business entity.


LPP provides consulting services in organization, HRM, Business, IT, Technology, etc.

LPP Consulting services include:

1.     Processing and Laboratory Service
      JASPROLAB is the LPP’s service which is conducted to help the improvement of processing technology in factories. Various problems take place along the process in mill will affect the quality of a final products.
2.     Engineering Service
     JASTEK is LPP’s service in design and/ modify the design of a mill, either in tree crops  and sugar mill. It is widely accepted that mill  operation depends on the performance of equipments used. Therefore, continuous and well planned maintenance is needed to support the optimality  of the operation. JASTEK conducts activities such as feasibility study, engineering design,  equipment modification, equipment calibration, equipment maintenance, etc.
3.     Assessment Center
     JASI is LPP’s service in assisting clients in recruitment, placement, and employees competence mapping, by conducting series of tests which are designed to meet clients’ need. In the reformation era where corruption, collusion, and nepotism becoming  an issue,  JASI LPP is the right choices  for such needs. JASI covers psychology test, assessment center, employees’ mapping, etc.
4.     Management Service 
      JASMAN is LPP’s service which aims at giving solutions to companies’ problems in relation to organization and management which cover organization structure, salary system, Human Resource development system, cost control, etc.
5.     Information Technology Service
    JASTI provides assistance for clients in designing and improving companies’ management information system.
4.     Plant Service (Jasa Tanaman/JASTAN)
     JASTAN is LPP’s service in assisting clients to find solutions to problems in the scope of estate production, starting from the land preparation to harvest.

Some of consulting and services which have been conducted by LPP :

1. Palm Oil Mill Biomas Power Plant
2. Palm Oil Mill Biogas  Power Plant
3. Palm Oil Mill Utility Assessment
4. Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering Design for Palm Oil Mill and Sugar cane
5. Rebuild/revamping of Palm Oil Mill
5. Sugar Cane Processing Technology Design
6. Cogeneration in sugar cane factory
7. Rubber Technology Design
8. Psychology Test

9.  Selection and Promotion

    10.  Competence Mapping
    11.     Assessment Center
    12.     Recruitment and Selection
    13.     Fit and proper
    14.     Organization Design and Salary System Development
    15.     Designing and developing Standard of Competencies
    16.     Performance Management System
    17.   Reward & Punishment System
    18.   Activity Based Counting System
    19.   Industrial Relation

LPP’s  Consulting clients includes :

  1. PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) I until XIV (Owned Government estate)
  2. PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (PT RNI) (Owned Government estate)
  3. Rezeca Renewables Pte. Ltd.
  4. PT Rezeca Isa
  5. PT Meta Epsi Agro
  6. Badan Pengelola Perkebunan
  7. PT Bumi Karya Bhakti
  8. PT Sari Husada
  9. Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao
  10. PT PD Paya Pinang
  11. Puslit Tanah dan Agroklimat
  12. PT Centra Mas
  13. PT Semen Andalas
  14. Pemerintah Daerah
  15. PT Makro
  16. PT Dhani Group
  17. PT Tiara Kiantan
  18. Kantor Pemasaran Bersama PTP Nusantara
  19. Korwil PTP Nusantara
  20. Dapenbun
  21. PT Gunung Madu Plantation
  22. PT Barata
  23. PT Sulotco
  24. Ditjen Bina Produksi Perkebunan
  25. PT Sawindo Kencana
  26. PT Unggul Widya Teknologi Lestari
  27. Rumah Sakit Gatoel
  28. PT Bakri Sumatera Plantation
  29. PT Astra Agro Lestari


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